Review: Carmen an Afro-Cuban Jazz Musical

Tony and Emmy-award nominated Moises Kaufman and two time grammy-award winner Arturo O’Farrell collaborated to bring Carmen: an Afro-Cuban Jazz Musical to the Olney Theatre Center. After the critically-acclaimed success of Kaufman’s previous projects (The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde and I Am My Own Wife) the Olney Theatre Center did not want to miss the opportunity to host this cutting-edge project. Originally skeptical of how the beloved opera would translate into a new setting, time period, and genre, the Tectonic Theater Project successfully surprised and entertained me with this clever show.

The program for the Olney Theatre Center's Carmen: an Afro-Cuban Jazz Musical.
The program for the Olney Theatre Center’s Carmen: an Afro-Cuban Jazz Musical.

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Galavant – Season 2

Being a huge fan of theatre, I was very excited about the prospect of the TV show Galavant, on ABC, when it began last season. I appreciated its satirical approach to musical theatre, and I found it entertaining. But, I was very disappointed in the unresolved season 1 ending!

Since Galavant did not seem to have many viewers, I had come to terms with the fact that I would never know if Gary Galavant ended up with Princess Isabella. But, Galavant came back with a second season! The premiere episode of Season 2, “A New Season aka Suck it Cancellation Bear,” says it all in its title.

Gary Galavant and Princess Isabella on "Galavant."
Gary Galavant and Princess Isabella on “Galavant.”

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Review: Grease Live

“Grease is the word,” … especially last night, as I, along with America, tuned in to watch Grease: Live on FOX. 

The opening scene from Grease: Live with Danny (Aaron Nvett) and Sandy (Julianne Hough)
The opening scene from Grease: Live with Danny (Aaron Tveit) and Sandy (Julianne Hough)

When I first heard that FOX was doing Grease Live, the first thing I thought was that FOX was wanting to compete with NBC (The Sound of Music: Live, Peter Pan: Live, and The Wiz: Live). After watching Grease: Live, FOX is successfully giving NBC a run for its money!

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